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Welcome to Automeister Inc.! Your Automotive Specialist

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the European Vehicles that We can Service and Repair, including Diesel models as well.

Automeister Inc., The Best Truck and Car Repair Service in Naperville

Get top-notch auto repair services today at Automeister Inc.. From AC repair to transmission services, our goal is to offer expert auto repairs at an affordable price. We are conveniently located near you in Naperville. Come by our shop at 480 Industrial Dr
#104 or call today to schedule an appointment at 630-369-9595.

Quick and Trouble-Free

We know your time is money. Most truck or car maintenance services can be completed while you wait. Many repairs such as AC repair, brakes, and transmission repairs will be performed that day. Straight forward or complicated, our mechanics will get your auto repairs done quickly and get you back on the road right away.

Get A Clear Estimate With No Hidden Costs

We will provide you with an easy to understand estimate before beginning any services. Ask us about options to keep auto repair costs low or upgrades to keep your car in top shape. We stand behind all of our work with a guarantee you can count on. Call today to schedule an appointment at 630-369-9595.

Our Mechanics Can Handle It

Our certified mechanics and highly skilled auto repair specialists provide the best in auto repair services for domestic and import automobiles of all makes and models.

Call today to schedule an appointment at 630-369-9595 or email us.

See What We Do!

European Import Car Repair, Car Care Services, Brakes, General Services, Undercar Services, Heating and Cooling Services, Electrical Services, Transmission Services, Electronic Services, Internal Engine Services, Heavy-Duty Services, Towing and Miscellaneous Services

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    • Vehicle Tips

      The fuel pump in most modern gasoline powered cars is located in the gas tank. The gasoline is used to cool the pump during operation (the pump runs 24/7 while the engine is running). Keeping the tank at least half full (especially in hot climates) keeps the pump running cooler and extending it's life exponentially, saving you $6-800 in the long run!

    • Vehicle Tips

      Keeping a lot of heavy trinkets hanging from the car key chain will lead to early ignition lock failures. The newest cars use a push button to eliminate this failure.

    • Vehicle Tips

      When running numerous short errands plan your trip to the furthest destination first and work your way back. This gets and keeps the car fully warmed engines really like that type of treatment.

    • Vehicle Tips

      Whenever experiencing a shimmy or vibration at highway speeds get it repaired. This may be no more involved than tire balancing. Left unchecked this will play havoc with the body integrity...literally disassembling your car over the long run.

    • Vehicle Tips

      Use the cruise control whenever possible (never in snowy/icy conditions) and watch your fuel economy increase. Every time your foot depresses that gas pedal you are throwing money away.

    • Vehicle Tips

      Accelerate smoothly from a standing start. Hard acceleration can cut the fuel economy in half in city traffic....not to mention the brake wear for the next red light.

    • Vehicle Tips

      Cars do not need to sit and idle for extended periods of time to warm up before being driven. By the time you get your seat belt on you are ready to go....accelerate slowly till the heater blows hot air to avoid hesitation and premature engine wear.

    • Vehicle Tips

      The air condition also runs in the winter time whenever the defroster is turned on. The AC does a very nice job clearing the inside of the windshield which has been fogged over from human breath. The heater takes much, much longer to do the same job.

    • Vehicle Tips

      On a icy/snowy days take care to clear the wipers properly before using them. Also make sure the windows are free before trying to move them....wiper transmissions and window regulators are costly repairs, not to mention the extreme inconvenience.

    • Vehicle Tips

      Early November is a good time to test your W/Wipers and washers. Also put the snow brush and a extra jug of washer fluid in the trunk.

    • Vehicle Tips

      Keep your trunk reasonably empty and tidy. Extra weight can really cut into the gas mileage.

    • Vehicle Tips

      Do "not" top off the gas tank and try to squeeze every last drop in there. Gasoline expands a great deal in the heat of the day. At best it may force it's way out onto the pavement, at worst it may damage the Evaporative Emissions system.

    • Vehicle Tips

      When a car overheats the best approach is to pull out of traffic and wait for the tow truck. When that is not possible, turn the heater to the max and open the windows. This usually helps quite a bit. If there is no heat from the heater, you are out of coolant and must wait for the tow truck.

    • Vehicle Tips

      Synthetic oil is truly amazing stuff. It will protect your engine significantly better than plain mineral oil, especially under extreme conditions. The biggest misconception is that synthetic oil can go forever without oil changes. The traveling salesman who covers 3-400 miles a day can go 15, 20 or more thousand miles per oil change. The taxi cabs and police cruisers can do equally well because the are most always at operating temperature. We regular people are not that lucky. Every cold start leaks a small amount of raw fuel down into the engine oil. This will eventually destroy the additives, causing premature engine wear and oil leaks.

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